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There are over 16 million commercial truck breakdowns every year. Half of those are tire-related with poor pressure management being a common cause. Unfortunately, semi-truck or commercial tire pressure is not something you can set and forget. Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical because tire-related breakdowns are expensive and can be dangerous.

The use of a commercial truck tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for your off-the-road or truck and bus fleets can help optimize performance, save money, and provide safety for your drivers and those on the road with them.

With tire costs and roadside maintenance expenses continually increasing, it makes sense to proactively work to keep your tires operating correctly and safely. Bridgestone’s IntelliTire™  helps you address tire pressure issues in real-time to avoid downtime and keep your fleets running safely and smoothly.

What is IntelliTire™?

IntelliTire is a robust smart fleet management technology supported by software and components that are easy to install and use. IntelliTire provides a reliable commercial tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to proactively identify and address tire pressure issues, and can also increase technician productivity with digital inspections and electronic reports.

IntelliTire has been proven to reduce downtime by up to 40% and is designed to reduce tire costs, increase labor productivity and keep fleets moving. Intellitire can be used by commercial off the road and trucking applications, including freight, busses and other commercial vehicles. As a brand agnostic platform, it will work for any tire – any fleet!

IntelliTire™ Commercial Tire Monitoring Features

  • Easy to fit, durable tire pressure monitoring sensor.
  • In-yard and real-time TPMS monitoring with durable sensors that allow for up to 100 ft range across the yard and 4G communication on the road.
  • Critical key report alerts – Fast, customizable, actionable alerts to let you know when there are tires that need maintenance.
  • Fleet management technology platform with an easy-to-use tire pressure monitoring system app with seamless integration with Bridgestone’s Toolbox for total tire and rim management.

IntelliTire™ Benefits

Managing a fleet of trucks can be very labor-intensive and proactively managing tire pressure can mean the difference between uptime and downtime. Benefits of IntelliTire include:

  • Optimized tire life
  • Improved safety
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced breakdowns
  • Digital inspections
  • Fleet issue reports
  • Technician task lists

How does IntelliTire™ work?

Easy-to-install, durable tire pressure monitoring sensors are attached that monitor and measure tire pressure and temperature in real-time. This durable hardware has been tested in various harsh conditions and only takes 10-15 minutes to install.

A fleet yard router or 4G connection sends the tire pressure measurement data to the cloud, relays it to office staff in the yard, and allows for monitoring of any alerts so that you can take action if and when needed.

The IntelliTire app makes tire maintenance simple for fleets by putting actionable insights and easy-to-use reports in their hands at all times. This fleet management technology is simple, robust, intelligent and safe TPMS oversight to keep your fleets compliant and on the road.