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Bandag Retreads Bandag Retreads


Drive costs down by extending the life of your casings. Our retreading brand Bandag will help ensure the profitability of your fleet.


90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee™

Firestone makes it our business to provide your fleet with durable and dependable tires that get every job done on time, no matter what. The 90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee™ lets you try our tires on at least one full truck axle, and if you decide you don't like them, you can return them. No questions asked.

Emergency Roadside Service

Your drivers have access to toll-free, 24-hour emergency road service, to help get fleet vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. We can help you plan for these costs and minimize the downtime when incidents occur.

Mileage Sales

Bridgestone Mileage Sales lets you only pay for the tires you use – as you use them. We give you a price per mile on your trucks, charter, intercity or city-suburban operations, so you get high-quality tires and know what you are going to spend for each trip.

National Fleet

Our National Fleet program is a total-tire solution to help you manage your fleet with top products at competitive fleet pricing. Our custom service programs give you 24/7 support for your biggest challenges like leveraging data and reducing tire costs.

Yard Check

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions is proud to offer our yard check service which makes quality, consistent tire inspections a convenient part of your maintenance program. It ensures operational readiness and keeps vehicles rolling.

Out of Service Tire Analysis

Your scrap pile could be an overlooked gold mine. An Out Of Service Tire Analysis (OOSTA) or scrap tire analysis is a fleet best practice because often you can retread or repair usable casings, instead of retiring them.


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